Happy House 2 Teacher's Resource Pack

Autor(i): Stella Maidment, Lorena Roberts

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Data livrare: 13-12-2022

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One of the worlds most successful primary courses, the Happy Series is a six-level course thats perfectly in step with your students development.
Happy uses different kinds of learning strategies to match children’s changing development and learning styles.
Start the learning journey in the reassuring setting of Happy House.
Introduce children to reading and writing English in the wider world of Happy Street.
Explore a world of fascinating facts with the topic-based approach of Happy Earth.
Happy at all levels of primary!
• Strong skills development
• Much loved story-based methodology
• Cross-curricular and cross-cultural focus
• CYLET style activities and resources
• Engaging print and digital classroom resources
• MultiROM, ‘take home English’ activities and karaoke songs
Date tehnice
Autor(i) Stella Maidment, Lorena Roberts
Anul apariţiei 2009
ISBN 9780194730358
Format carte 21,7 x 30,4 cm
Cod produs O175
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