Bright Ideas Level 6 Pack (Class Book and app)

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  • Level:Level 6
  • Language Level: Beginner

Bright Ideas Level 6 provides a flexible package that ensures exam success and encourages students to develop 21st century skills through creative games and activities.

How do we learn things? How does nature affect us? What can we predict about the future?

With a strong focus on the development of reading and writing skills through interactive learning, Bright Ideas Level 1 offers extensive exam and literacy support with the benefit of innovative content and familiar topics.

Using 'Big Questions' to challenge students and promote the development of 21st century skills in areas such as critical thinking, the course links the classroom with the 'real world' and encourages the sharing of ideas through communication and collaboration.

The comprehensive package of integrated print and digital material challenges traditional methods of learning with exciting new resources and activities that are adaptable to all teaching situations.

Key features:

  • Eight units of ten lessons provide core material which is then followed by ten pages of Cambridge English Qualification external exam material.
  • Three 'Big Projects' per level enable students to develop collaboration and critical thinking skills.
  • Each level has two pages of festival material which helps student's activate new language through real-world concepts.
  • Three extended texts per level provide ample reading opportunities for students to develop reading skills and put vocabulary into practice.
  • Cambridge English Qualifications exam-style tasks ensure students are fully-prepared for exams.

App features:

  • The Big Questions quiz app practices all four vocabulary and grammar skills from Bright Ideas in a fun and interactive way.
  • Play at home or together in class using the 'Multiplayer' option.
  • Improve children's pronunciation with unique voice recognition technology.
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