English Plus 2: Workbook with MultiROM- REDUCERE 50%

Autor(i): Janet Hardy-Gould, Kate Mellersh

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Data livrare: 01-06-2024

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English Plus is a flexible and supportive course that builds confidence through graded practice.
A supportive course that helps students of all abilities build confidence through graded practice. The flexible package makes it ideal for mixed-ability classes, and varying teaching loads.

English Plus develops students' communication skills through a structured and methodical approach, helping students to achieve their individual learning outcomes in every lesson.
• Six pages of additional practice for each Student's Book unit, including exercises for vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing; all at three levels of difficulty
• Two-page progress review after every unit with self-assessments and I can... statements
• Reference section which includes a Language focus reference, a pronunciation bank, an alphabetical Wordlist with illustrations and a phonetic chart, an Expression bank, and an Irregular verbs list
• Answer Key which can be found on the English Plus Teacher's site and on iTools
• MultiROM included with Workbook for a complete interactive self-study resource
Date tehnice
Autor(i) Janet Hardy-Gould, Kate Mellersh
Anul apariţiei 2011
ISBN 9780194748773
Format carte 21 x 29,7 cm
Cod produs O1247
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