FAIMA Business & Management Journal – volume 5, issue 2, June 2017

Autor(i): Colectiv Politehnica

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Data livrare: 18-07-2024

FAIMA BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT JOURNAL has been founded by the Management Department of Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Business Engineering and Management (FAIMA) from Politehnica University of Bucharest.
The Publisher / Producer of FAIMA Business & Management Journal is NICULESCU Publishing House.

The primary purpose of FAIMA BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT JOURNAL is to publish scholarly research articles in the fields of Management and Business, as the journal is addressed both to the business environment and scientific area, having 4 issues per year.

The Journal is peer-reviewed and publishes only original, unpublished manuscripts related to contemporary issues in business and management (including but not limited to: entrepreneurship, business engineering, marketing, financing, quality management, human resources, information technology etc.). Therefore any topic in these fields can be considered appropriate for publication in the journal.

Date tehnice
Autor(i) Colectiv Politehnica
Număr pagini 80
Anul apariţiei 2017
ISBN 2344-4088
Format carte 20 x 26 cm
Cod produs FAIMA - 14
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