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Data livrare: 27-05-2024

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Insight is a five-level British English course for secondary students that will challenge your students to reach their full potential, develop their understanding and knowledge of language and inspire them to a lifelong love of learning.

Insight is packed full of thought-provoking topics, information-rich texts and interesting activities and tasks that will motivate and engage your students whilst challenging their opinions and inspiring them to think critically about the world they live in.

Insight will help your students to develop a deeper understanding of how language works. Lesson material looks at not just the meaning of vocabulary but also the grammatical rules that govern its use, enabling students to use language with confidence.

Insight offers everything you need to make your lessons engaging and informative, whilst the interactive online teaching tools and integrated video/audio will enrich your students' learning in the classroom.

Students are supported to learn good study habits through strategy boxes and step-by-step guides throughout the course, and unlimited online practice enhances independent learning at home, whilst also allowing you to easily track student’s progress and spend less time marking.

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Autor(i) Jayne Wildman
ISBN 9780194010979
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