New Matrix INT WB- REDUCERE 50%

Autor(i): Kathy Gude, Jayne Wildman, and Michael Duckworth

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Data livrare: 20-07-2024

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The new and improved edition of the challenging secondary course that prepares students for school-leaving exams.

New Matrix maximizes performance in the school-leaving exam through demanding material and a focus on exam tasks and techniques.

The new edition has been updated through direct feedback from Matrix users, to include revised texts, a vocabulary lesson in every unit, and more focused exam practice.

Key features:

  • Popular features improved and updated in response to feedback from Matrix users
  • Systematic building of key vocabulary to cover up-to-date exam topics
  • Effective production: speaking practice in every lesson on a wide range of topics, and step-by-step guidance for writing
  • More focused grammar practice
  • Increased culture sections
  • Exam tips, techniques, and practice to give students confidence in the exam
Date tehnice
Autor(i) Kathy Gude, Jayne Wildman, and Michael Duckworth
ISBN 9780194766159
Cod produs O099
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