OBW Level 4: The Whispering Knights

Autor(i): Penelope Lively Retold by Clare West

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Data livrare: 01-06-2024

Preț special 33,93 Lei Preț standard 37,70 Lei

Language Level: B1/B2

Classics, modern fiction, non-fiction and more. Written for secondary and adult students the Oxford Bookworms Library has seven reading levels from A1-C1 of the CEFR.

I don't know that you have done anything wrong,' Miss Hepplewhite said. 'But it is possible that you have done something rather dangerous.' William and Susie thought they were just playing a game when they cooked a witch's brew in the old barn and said a spell over it, but Martha was not so sure. And indeed, the three friends soon learn that they have called up something dark and evil out of the distant past...

"The most consistent of all series in terms of language control, length, and quality of story."

David R. Hill, Director of the Edinburgh Project on Extensive Reading.

Key features:

  • Word count 17,100
  • Read at a comfortable level with word count and CEFR level on every cover
  • Illustrations, photos, and diagrams support comprehension
  • Activities build language skills and check understanding
  • Glossaries teach difficult vocabulary
  • Free editable tests for every book
  • Selected Bookworms are available for your tablet or computer through the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf
Date tehnice
Autor(i) Penelope Lively Retold by Clare West
Număr pagini 96
ISBN 9780194791946
Format carte 198x129 mm
Cod produs O1086
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