Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary 4th Edition

Autor(i): Oxford University Press

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Essential information on the basic vocabulary learners of English need to know, in a handy pocket-size.
The Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary has over 38,000 words, phrases, and meanings giving students a handy quick-reference guide to basic English vocabulary. It includes essential information on meanings, grammar patterns, spelling, idioms, and phrasal verbs.
• Up-to-date vocabulary with new words from British and American English
• Oxford 3000™ keywords (the most important words to learn in English) are marked with a key symbol
• Corpus-based examples show how words are used
• Lots of help with irregular forms and spelling
• Explains thousands of idioms and phrasal verbs
Date tehnice
Autor(i) Oxford University Press
Număr pagini 528
Anul apariţiei 2008
ISBN 9780194398725
Format carte 7,5 x 15 cm
Vârsta Adulti
Cod produs O673
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