Oxford Learners Pocket Thesaurus First Edition

Autor(i): Oxford University Press

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A handy, pocket-size thesaurus which helps students find synonyms and opposites for over 5,000 key words.
No two words are exactly the same but this Oxford Learner's Pocket Thesaurus can help students find the words to say exactly what they mean. It has over 25,000 synonyms and opposites plus a wealth of extra information to help students identify differences and choose words that are right for the context.
• Up to 12 synonyms given for each of 5,000 key words
• Different terms are clearly marked, for example, British/American, formal/informal, approving or disapproving
• 100s of notes help identify the exact differences between pairs of synonyms
• Patterns and collocations help learners use the synonyms in context
Date tehnice
Autor(i) Oxford University Press
Număr pagini 512
Anul apariţiei 2010
ISBN 9780194752046
Format carte 7,6 x 15 cm
Vârsta Adulti
Cod produs O1418
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