PET Result: Student's Book & Online Workbook

Autor(i): Jenny Quintana

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Data livrare: 02-06-2024

Preț special 157,19 Lei Preț standard 174,66 Lei

Language Level: Intermediate (B1)

PET course with online Workbook and practice tests. Assign homework, track progress and analyse results using the optional Learning Management System.

PET Result is a complete preparation course for the Cambridge English B1 Preliminary exam. Its thought-provoking topics and vibrant images keep your students motivated. Its Workbook is available as a printed book, or online. The online version has features such as: automatic marking, instant feedback, integrated dictionary and more. Includes optional Learning Management System to assign tasks, track progress, and analyse results.

Date tehnice
Autor(i) Jenny Quintana
Anul apariţiei 2012
ISBN 9780194817295
Format carte 221 x 276 x 8mm
Cod produs O2355
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