Project 4E Level 5 Student's Book

Autor(i): Tom Hutchinson

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Data livrare: 28-05-2024

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The Project fourth edition Student's Book has been revised and updated. We've retained the structure and exercises that you loved from the previous edition, and included new sections to provide more flexibility.
The new reading bank at the back of the book encourages your students to read for pleasure and exposes them to a wider vocabulary. It includes classic stories such as Aladdin, The Pied Piper of Hamlet, and Perseus, with comprehension exercises to help your students get the most out of each text.
The new pronunciation bank offers a wide range of activities from TPR activities to appeal to kinaesthetic learners, to quieter activities that could be used as extension material.

• The tried and tested methodology of Project which is trusted by teachers around the world
• New extensive reading bank with stories graded at the appropriate level
• New pronunciation bank including both TPR activities and quiet individual activities
• More multi-skill and communication exercises to prepare you students for using English in the real world

Date tehnice
Autor(i) Tom Hutchinson
Număr pagini 88
Anul apariţiei 2014
ISBN 9780194764599
Format carte 276x219 mm
Vârsta Adulti
Cod produs O1912
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