Solutions 3E Advanced Student's Book

Autor(i): Paul A Davies, Tim Falla

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Data livrare: 16-06-2024

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With 100% new content, the third edition of Oxford's best-selling secondary course offers the tried and trusted Solutions methodology alongside fresh and diverse material that will spark your students' interest and drive them to succeed.

The Solutions Student's Book is packed full of interesting content to keep students of all abilities fully engaged and motivated.

Each unit consists of eight lessons, all of which focus on a particular skill, including vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking, and writing. New to the third edition are specific listening and word skills lessons, to help develop well-rounded, confident communicators.

Additional resources, including exam skills trainer sections and extra speaking practice help consolidate what students have covered in the lessons. The supported approach to speaking, writing and exam practice ensure every student can achieve success.

  • Nine units per Student Book, each with eight lessons.
  • A broad range of lesson types focusing on key skills, including vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking, and writing, all with 100% new content.
  • NEW listening and word skills lessons help develop confident communicators.
  • Exam skills trainer sections prepare students for typical school-leaving/Cambridge tasks, and provide them with the language, strategies, and exam skills they need to achieve success.
  • Extra speaking task sections provide additional opportunities for speaking practice.
  • Grammar builder pages with each unit provide extra practice exercises for students who need additional support.
  • Grammar reference pages allow learners to check grammar rules.
  • Vocabulary builder with each unit allows students to learn and practice new vocabulary.
Date tehnice
Autor(i) Paul A Davies, Tim Falla
Număr pagini 152
ISBN 9780194520515
Format carte 297x210 mm
Vârsta Adulti
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