Technology, Management and Creativity

Autor(i): Bogdan Dumitru Ţigănoaia

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Data livrare: 20-07-2024

The volume Technology, Management and Creativity is coor­dinated by Bogdan Dumitru ȚIGĂNOAIA and through the clarity of the presentation of each chapter, also addresses students (under­graduate, master, doctorate) in their engineering and managerial training, as well as specialist engineers in the field, representing a support for problem solving and future research.

It is a specialized book in the field of Engineering and Manage­ment consisting of 10 chapters, among the topics being treated: routing protocols; algorithms for resource allocation and scheduling in Hadoop; business intelligence; smart flower pot of the future – the design and implementation of three main components of an autonomous plant pot that can support the growth and life of a wide range of plant species without human intervention; wireless sensor networks; identifying jokes in texts using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning tech­niques, etc.

Date tehnice
Autor(i) Bogdan Dumitru Ţigănoaia
Număr pagini 546
Anul apariţiei 2018
ISBN 978-606-38-0186-0
Format carte 17,6 x 25
Cod produs Technology, Management and Creativity
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